Magicwash 360 is an automatic computer operated machine, developed after more than 10 years of experience and technical principles of most advanced car wash equipment research and development. It is fully automated, without manual operation, automatic completion of the vehicle cleaning, waxing, polishing, water spray and air-dried to achieve a real sense of care by the full integration of the smart car cleaning equipment.

The latest Magicwash 360 in-bay automatic car wash raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment. With Revenue Enhancement and Total Cost of Ownership upgrades being the main focus, this vehicle wash system delivers the industry’s best Return On Investment.

Magicwash 360 Technology enables the car wash system to be responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay and allows it to “think for itself”, increasing up-time and optimizing the wash process.

Substantially faster wash speeds lead to increases in vehicle throughput and shorter lines that will make your customers happy. Simplified machine design and lower energy and utility usages reduce operating costs leading to a more profitable car wash operation.

Magic 360 Technology

Magic 360 Cleaning System:

MAGIC-360-CLEANING-SYSTEMThe cleaning power of the Nissan’s MagicWash 360 is raised to a new level with the addition of better vehicle chemical coverage with rounded arch corners, smart chemical timing and tilting arch functions. Combined with your ability to customize services and speeds in infinite combinations and to store favorite or seasonal packages – the cleaning system is a major step forward.

Magic 360 Drying System:

MAGIC-360-DRYING-SYSTEMNissan’s MagicWash 360 integrated dryer option performs the unique FlashDry service that takes no additional time for a basic dry by performing a rinse and dry in a single operation. Developed on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving – FlashDry improves rinsing while removing over 80% of the water all in a single 10 second pass.

Magic 360 Arch Control

MAGIC-360-ARCH-CONTROLThe MagicWash 360 Arch Control System allows for quicker throughput and creates customer confidence and comfort through the entire wash process. The arch is able to rotate 360 degrees while simultaneously moving around the vehicle. Three axis motions provide rounded corner profiling to produce consistent coverage by keeping the nozzles always focused on the vehicle. No more spraying on the floor! Arch control makes every second productive in the wash process – each corner time is reduced from 4 seconds to 1.5. The Magic 360 Arch Control also intelligently operates around the complete vehicle perimeter; monitoring and adjusting to conditions to keep attendant interaction low.

Magic 360 Networking:

MAGIC-360-NETWORKINGA modern, easy to use web browser interface to access all key operating functions and reports is standard on the MagicWash 360. You can change wash packages, view performance and trend reports and monitor all machine functions with any device that has a web browser without needing any special software. Secure connections can be done remotely through the Internet allowing flexibility and the reduced need to go to the site. Email messaging and other real-time connections keep you and your staff in touch with the operation anywhere and anytime.

Magic 360 Consumer Experience

MAGIC-360-CONSUMER-EXPIREANCENissan’s MagicWash 360 gives your customers a safe, comfortable and easy to use wash experience. The overhead design and improved vehicle positioning system keeps the bay floor open and unobstructed. Bright and simple customer signage combined with language specific audio messages provides clear instructions.


  • Open Bay Configuration
  • Remote Monitoring and Configuration
  • Exceptional Cleaning
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Energy-Efficient Design
  • Low Water and Chemical Consumption
  • Local Distributor Support
  • 24/7 Technical Service Support
  • Built in Web Interface
  • Card Reader
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Virtual Treadle
  • Zero Manpower Required
  • Magic Tri-Color Foam
  • Bright LED displays
  • Belt drive, no grease points
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Structure
  • On board soap heaters
  • Dual HP & LP arch
  • No arch purge
  • Optimal Vehicle measuring
  • Over Head design
  • Unique internal Air Drying System
  • Magic 360 Technology
  • Lesser Water Consumption
  • No Floor Civil Work Required
  • Integrated 3D detection system
  • Less Maintenance
  • Digital Collision Avoidance System
  • Applies 3x foam, protectants
  • Spot-free rinse in a single pass
  • Maximized Coverage area
  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Quick Return On Investment


  • Intelligent unmanned systems, 24 hours self-service credit card payment system.
  • Smart 360 technology.
  • Intelligent liquid mixing system.
  • Innovative suspension system non-resistance rails.
  • Unique embedded fast drying system.
  • Digital voice security alarm system.
  • Faulty self-checking system.
  • Automatic collision avoidance technology
  • One key anti-frozen system


High Pressure Pre-wash for under chassis and wheels.

Equipped with a unique chassis and fan hub flush function, 80bar high pressure water can effectively remove dirt on chassis, body sides and wheels.

360° Smart rotating arm

Smart designed linear rotating arm can follow body contours by 360-degree rotating wash. It can wash maximum angle of the body, fully eliminating blind cleaning. No resistance innovative slide design, light and smooth operation control, rinse in just 28 seconds, water-saving more than 50%, electricity saving more than 60%.

Automatic detection of Length and Width of the vehicle

When the vehicle enters the car wash bay, the smart sensor system begins to automatically detect the length and width of the vehicle.  LED Reminder prompts you to the park the vehicle to the car wash location; the system will automatically adjust the size of the car wash according to the detected data. There are a lot of options; all kinds of washing liquid can be uniformly sprayed to cover all parts of the body on a rotating arm, up to 80kg water pressure to quickly remove the dirt.

A variety of spray washing liquid

Smart rotating spray arms can spray a variety of washing liquid, can be liquefied into a mist, spray evenly to cover all parts of the body, give full play to their cleansing. With this spray atomization and efficient manner, just much less than the amount of general washing machine, but you can achieve better cleaning results.

Improved speed can reduce the cost of running

Innovative suspension design slide without resistance, enabling the device during operation of the light, stable, stepless by frequency converter plus digital stepper drives, can effectively enhance the operation speed of the device, 360 degree rotation just 28 seconds improve the speed of running costs can be reduced, while the consumption of water and washing liquid to a minimum.

Hundred percent accurate metering, spray car washing liquid only 20-50ml

The first domestic high-precision matching technology into the washing machine in the field, through the precise ratio of washing liquid metering system, only 20-50ml spray car washing liquid, precise control of each sub-costs.

More liquid package, computer controlled

Equivalent to a powerful chemical laboratory, equipped with a variety of liquid package, without manual operation, fully automated adjustment ratio. By mixing, atomization step of forming a micro-granular, spray covering the body surface, more thorough contact with stains, including body gaps are enough uniform penetration.

Magic Color Shampoo

Cleaning polishing synchronization is complete

Dense linear density foam makes cleaning maintenance component and fuller contact with dirt, thus improving the efficiency of decontamination, reduce duplication of scrubbing action, cleaning the same time, it can protect the synchronization is complete glazing effect, making the paint color is more moist, bright beautiful.

Lubricating surface without soft rot

Unique soft broad-spectrum activity of ion cleaning agents, emulsifying effective, regular cleaning of dirt on the body of paint, wheels, tires, window glass and other non-corrosive.

Crystal Coating Wax

Car body armor

Crystal coating of wax can be generated on the surface of the paint layer of polymer, after integration into soft hard protective film, as if to put a layer of bulletproof car with superior protection paint, anti-acid rain, pollution prevention , UV erosion features.

Original embedded fast drying system

50 seconds to dry the entire vehicle

Original embedded fast drying system, through a complex fluid design, streamlined circular vents, dramatically reducing pressure loss, converging long-distance high-pressure air, direct access to the body surface, whether it is a tall SUV, sports car or low body, dried to achieve rapid results.

The use of air flow principle
Magicwash 360 is configured with three blower and a 4kw 5.5kw motor embedded in the washing machine, using the principle of air flow through the four cylindrical outlet to control the air flow, the first task is to split a bunch of wind air, reduced follow-up of the wind drag, so that subsequent airflow to dry the surface of the water body, Magicwash 360 blower characteristics that optimize the wind speed, and other traditional fan only improve the speed, when the wind arrived in the body has been minimized, in fact, high-speed dried air stream is the best solution.


MagicWash With Dimention



Min. Installation Size Machine L*W*H = 7500*3800*3400 mm
Max. Car Wash Size L*W*H = 5900*3000*2100 mm
Washing Speed 2minutes-6minutes/car according to wash process, customers can set different wash packages on touch screen.
Machine Size L*W*H=3500*1200*900mm
Pump Station Size L*W*H=1250*800*600mm
Chemical System Size L*W*H=800*450*1400mm
Steel Track Length 6800-7500mm
Machine Net Weight 2200KGS
Packing Size and Gross Weight 10.5CBM, 2700KGS
Installation Size
Wall Installation Length 6600-7500mm
Steel Frame Installation Length 6800-7500mm
Wall Installation Width ≥3600mm
Steel Frame Installation Width ≥3800mm
Installation Height ≥3350mm
Power Supply
Standard Input Voltage 3phase, 4wires, AC440V 22KW 50Hz
Air Switch 100A air switch
Water Pump Motor Power 18.5KW/100KGS working pressure, energy efficiency motor
Fan Motor Power 20.5KW/Pressure 11000Pa/Air Flow 23000CBM/H, saving 10% energy
Length Motor Power 370W step less speed regulation
Cross Motor Power 400W digital step motor
Rotation Motor Power 400W digital step motor
Chemical System 0.75KW
Central Processing Unit Built-in central processing unit factory control PLC binuclear system
Drive System variable frequency speed control digital step driver
Checking System intelligent three-dimensional detection system
Sensor Ultrasonic+the absolute value digital encoder
Machine Operation Speed
Standard Speed Length Speed 450mm/s, Width Speed 450mm/s, Car Length=5m
Fast Speed Length Speed 600mm/s, Width Speed 600mm/s, Car Length=5m
Rinse Speed Standard 45s/car, Fast 30s/car
U0 Shampoo Standard 40s/car, Fast 25s/car
U9 Shampoo Standard 40s/car, Fast 25s/car
Wax Standard 30s/car, Fast 29s/car
Magic Color Standard 35s/car, Fast 25s/car
Drying Standard 59s/car, Fast 50s/car
Energy Consumption
Water Consumption of Chassis Washing Standard 30liter/car, Fast 30liters/Car
Water Consumption of Car Body Washing Standard 100-150liter/car, Fast 70-100Liters/Car
U0 Shampoo Consumption Standard 10ml-60ml/car, Fast 10ml-50ml/car
U9 Shampoo Consumption Standard 10ml-60ml/car, Fast 10ml-50ml/car
Wax Consumption Standard 5ml-30ml/car, Fast 5ml-30ml/car
Magic Color Standard 10ml-40ml/car, Fast 10ml-30ml/car
Electric Consumption Standard 0.9KWH/car, Fast 0.6KWH/car
Washing Mode
Standard Washing Mode One Key Operation
Fine Washing Mode One Key Operation
Fully-automatic Operation Card Reader
Computer Operation No Operator
Machine Functions
One Key Operation Yes
Card Reader Yes
Computer Control, No Operator Yes
Automatic Dosing System Yes, controlling U0, U9 shampoo, wax and white thick foam.
Chassis and Car Wheel Automatic Checking Yes
Vehicle Body Checking Yes
Self Parking Guide System Yes
Digital Collision Avoidance System Yes
Vehicle Body Washing Yes
Chassis Washing Yes
Wheel Washing Yes
Wash Packages Yes
Magic Color Yes
Built-in Dryer Yes, 3pieces 5.5KW blowers and 1piece 4KW blower.
Soft Water Spraying System Yes
LED Sign Yes
Voice System Yes
Car Wash Counting Yes
Operation Authority Yes
Errors Checking System Yes
Alarm System Yes
One Key Freeze-proofing Function Yes
Oil Free Lubrication Yes
Indoor Steel Frame Yes
Micro Resistance Sliding Rail Yes
Washing Reflector Yes
Automatic Standby Mode Yes
Anti Clogging Nozzle Yes